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March 15, 2010



Surprising that there have been more weekly lows than highs on a Monday.
Equally unexpected that there have been more weekly highs than lows on a Friday.
Not what I would have thought.


I'm not surprised about the weekly highs on Fridays. You often see 5 day patterns lasting throughout the week.


Insightful analysis. Something to build a strategy around.....


Is it actually something related to day of the week? I would expect that the first and last day of a time period would be more likely to have the high and low. Any trending market is likely to make its high at one end of a time period and its low at the other end. If you look at an offset week, like Wednesday-Tuesday, what are the results?


Jkw interesting comments. I will try the same for a Wednesday-Tuesday week so we can see.

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