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November 12, 2008



Hey Mate,
Take care. I know how hard it is to trade with a broken heart..... not good but i'm sure that will pass. It's funny that time heals everything...



Sounds like you need a really wild night out on the town.. or a really long holiday


THT, good to hear from you
hope things get back on the up for you soon


I wish you all the best for the coming year. You sound like you have your prorities set right. You definitely have to look after number one in times of crisis.

Give me a buzz if you need to chat or anyhing.

Warm Regards



Hi, where r u based at? im in melbourne. im looking for trading partner. reach me at trade2win forum, i also wanted to start a trading project with several other trader.



Good to see that you are back TH. I've missed your posts and your insight. If i could offer any advice to you in times like these it would be to surround yourself with your friends, thats what they are for. My friends helped me 6 years ago, and i wouldn't be where a am today without them.

Good luck, and good trading.



Sorry to hear that.

If there's not enough variables in the market to contend with, we then find, the market is just one of the small variables in the bigger game of life.

The bike is also useful in times like this.

Reece Boroughs

Sorry to hear of your break up mate, nothing jolts ones life more than that of a relationship break up.

Your philosophy here is a good one however - it is never advisable to trade emotionally and when you are going through what you are going through, it's better to stay on the sidelines.

I'm sure the mojo will return mate and when it does, there will be a market waiting for you.

All the best.

Drunken Choppy


If I was nesar you, I would get you out on the piss. Good times.

You need to get hammered. WOuld do you the world of good.

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