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October 08, 2008



Hi Mate.

Just wanted to say that that thread you started on scalping has given me the impetus to have another go at it. I've always gone for the bigger intraday trends, but those charts you posted showed basically why I've been a lousy scalper.

The upshot is, that it's working for me now. I'm liking it because you basically turn a profit every day nearly. So far, I'm doing better than before.

But fvck me, the psychology is different, I come out of my office feeling like ripping someones liver out and eating it for lunch with some hot chillie sauce and six beers.

No doubt I'll get used to it and settle down.

Anyway, thumbs up, got a lot out of it.



Is framing R:R setups to static crap part 3, TH daytrading ultra-secret instant wealth lord trading course, coming soon?


Which scalping thread are you talking of Wayne? ha ha ha, I can relate to the frustrations and anger!

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