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September 22, 2008



its not to protect the mum's and dad's though. it's the big banks that are crying poor and going with their hat in hand to the regulators (even moreso in the states where fed is staffed by ex-bank guys)

you might find what GT has to say here pretty funny http://marketrant.blogspot.com/2008/09/ozrant-click-your-heels-dorothy.html

asx manipulation on the long side is apparently ok. don't you know that shares only go up and if they go down its because of those evil "speculators".
good to see the news has forgotten about those speculators that have moved to the short side on oil, apparently some shorts are ok

crazy times. hope you're making a killing on these big swings.


And what's more, I just sticky-taped the first of a series of charts that rips a twenty-foot hole in the claim that shorts have been a source of downward pressure on the ASX... long story short: there has been an 80% FALL in the market value of short interest outstanding as a proportion of the aggregate market cap of shortable stocks. Shorts have been EXITING the market for the past year.

Tomorrow (later today, Strayan time) I will put up a similar chart that is more illustrative: the same data series, but with the All Ords super-imposed. I only exported the data for yesterday, 14 days ago, a month ago, and YTD and 1Yr changes... tomorrow I'll do the lot.



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