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July 29, 2008





This (series) plus your re-post of Tech/A's piece should be re-read every day by all to put their feet firmly back on the ground.

Keep it up.



good stuff to read. thanks.
good to see an actual trader writing down some thoughts rather than reading books from "traders" who make more money from their books than from trading



Agreed Ross,
Its refreshing to see someone willing to share this information and not trying to sell something.
keep it up mate,



Good stuff TremblingHand.

No substitute for experience eh? Wish I had a socket in the back of my head I could plug a matrix-style probe into and learn this stuff pronto :-)


Always a good read and not to be ignored.

Master. I have found you at last!


There is a certain frisson from reading "the innermost thoughts and ruminations of a Day Trader". Don't get me wrong -- there really is.

But this is nothing remotely like a "Day Trading Course". There is no body of knowledge, no core principles, no development of processes, no case studies and no worked examples. It doesn't even say what you do and how successful it is, let alone what other ways there might be. To a willing student, it offers very, very little.

My advice: start with the 3 points in your second last para and work forwards from there with real knowledge and real examples. That would be gold!

[Incidentally, your spelling and grammar could do with a little work too.]


Dat, you dickhead! Next time you go shopping for clothes let me know. I will come and pick your purchases for you. I have a secret that works every time to make you look great.

How will that work for you??



THT I love your occerism! "You dickhead!"

As always, a thought provoking read.

I would though like to know what you trade. I.e. margin loan? Futures? ETO? and what markets you have enjoyed trading, disliked trading etc.

Keep up the good work!


"Brokerage per round trip $10" - can someone tell me which online broker is this? Thanks.


Interactive Brokers. Ryan


This is by far one of the most important posts I have read.

Very similar conclusions I have come too after a couple years trading.

When is trading course 3 starting?

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