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July 07, 2008



Amazing that such useful knowledge draws no comments! On second thought though, honest practical advice that points the reader to the true path of hard work and discipline rarely does. Thanks for this series of posts Trembling. Rare that one gets an insight into how a true market pro operates.


Great Information. Looking forward to the next 2 parts, Thanks.


How good is that!

Well done on the post TH - brilliant stuff.

Look forward to the next installment...


Hi TH,

I love your straight to the point blog. I am glad to have found it.
Trading is hard as you say because very few know how to trade and there isn't proper education out there. The other problem is that its a big market and there are thousands of ways to trade.

I have found that "trading" means different things to different people. Most get told about weekly /daily trading systems when most books from real traders are about intraday trading and taking pips or points eg quick trades. It took me along time to understand this.

I have intra data and do (when I can sit at the screen) trade stocks
on 5 ,2, 10 min charts. In fact its safer and more fun (action)

TH Could you explain all about the SPI and what it is and where to trade it. I have been to scared to trade it as pros like you seem to all be there.

P Plate Trader

Jeff Watson

I made my apprentice read your articles on daytrading. Very good insight, clarity, and straightforwardness.

Great posts, and great blog.



I've printed off this post for future reference! I have a small bank and most of it's burned. You are very wise. Paper trading right now & will keep your teaching in mind when I start live trading again. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


great stuff t.h.
uno question. as a high frequency trader do you have some kind of membership / seat to get best rates commissions etc. i had a tough day/night during week up $2,500 and that didn't even cover brokerage
based on average $4.00rt!!waxed up board yet? regards scott south aussie

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