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April 08, 2008



Hi, I stumbled onto your blog from a stock forum. You probably know/feel this already, but great work on the blog :)

I've always been interested and schooled in economics and I've been gradually investing heavier in equities in my spare time (I 26 and working in IT).

Just on your latest postings, you've given me a wealth of information that hit on knowledge gaps that I've come across during this last couple of months of trading. No doubt I'll be trudging through your older posts in the next couple of days :)

Thanks, and keep up the good work.


How do you use the DOM, TH?

Do you look for high numbers in the first bid/offer space?

Or is it more to do with the action, or higher numbers further up and down the columns representing support/resistance?

I personally find the spi to be full of alot of 'bluffers', especially before 10am, so the pros can pick up the volume they want.
When the price looks to be around hod or lod, I find the high numbers more reliable and predictive. I find the hsi alot more honest, not so many bluffers.

Have you tried using the volume tracker that comes with BT? It allows you to capture high bid/offer numbers on a table and you can set a threshold, eg spi above 30. Means you dont have to stare so much.

The ASX Gorilla

It's a good tip...ironically I find that I like what I'm good at...what comes first, the chicken or the egg? :)

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