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March 06, 2008



I've always been curious about how scalpers go over their trades. When you began testing out scalping strategies(chart patterns, bands, oscillators or whatever) did you take screen-shots of every trade and write a trade diary or do you use some sort of software which does all this automatically, as the task just seems impossible.



As always its been an evolution from the the printing out of charts and hand writing trades on them to now using software to plot my trades. I would keep every trade I made in two folders, a green folder for the winners and a red folder for the losers. I got to say that red folder has been one of the best learning aids I have yet come across. Nothing better than going over 100 trades and seeing a mistake repeated time and time again to bang home what you shouldn't be doing. Now as my frequency of trades has increased its not practical but I do plot my profitability per trade and use bad periods to identify problems.

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