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February 12, 2008


John Forman

Very interesting post. It wouldn't hurt more traders to analyze their performance this way.


Yes it really helps my trading. One of the best things is it takes some of the pain away from a bad run and gives you something to work on rather than just being pissed off at the loss.


Fantastic idea, I'm following suit!

Thank you for the insight,

Best trading,



200 round trips ?

LOL, you are some kind of machine .... makes me tired just thinking about it ;-)


Great post.

It never hurts to have something funny to watch after a couple of bad days either.

Just wish I had the know how to put up the great custom made charts like you do consistently.


I also track my trades the way you do. I break it down by the pattern I am trading. This also gives me a clue to when to stop trading, when a patterns stops working, or when to adjust my position sizing.
I have noticed the winner's curse affects me (which looks like your 3rd or 5th chart) and adjust my positions accordingly (scale back as I am doing better and feeling good).


Yeah, what prog do you use for creating those charts and then analysing them?

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