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December 18, 2007


Muddy Farmer

XJO down anoterh 2% today.
Bargains galore. Too busy bamnging on the keyboard buying these going-cheap blue-chips.
Might even get som CNP.
Yes, Virginia there is a Christmas. Twice this year.
Aug 16 first, and now yesterday and today.
Than you, thank you, thank you...

Spud Mack

The problem with chart trading is that you fail to see the underlying reasons for movements. Lower highs and all that kind of stuff is simply based on timing of certain market sensitive announcements. I am with the Muddy Farmer on this one.


Spud Mack. the problem with thinking you know what other people are doing/thinking is you will get it wrong more often than not. In anycase its not the reasons I give a @$%# about its the only thing that matters. The Price. If it has turned around its turned around.



It is interesting from a technical and sentiment view point, there are a lot of well conditioned dip buyers out there after this run up I think. I wouldn't be surprised if the market has some sting for the bargain hunters at the moment, though am taking myself out of the prediction game with my trading.. Other than I have a contrarian punt at the moment with my variable interest rates that I shouldn't be fixing them quite yet.


Champion call from the first two pundits. Time for a triple up in CNP?

Respect the market or it will eat you up I reckon, forget about Christmas coming twice each year. A lot of bull market babies are getting their first decent frying pan to the face perhaps?

This market is beginning to look broken, wouldn't be surprised by more tankage with sell the rally opportunities or some volatile ranging to mild bearish grind downs, the return to bull 7000+ rally which I'm still seeing some votes for is by far the least likely of the possibilities as I guess them.


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