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October 03, 2007


Muddy Farmer

If the jobs report is another shocker I betcha the market ignores it and rallies, just like Monday when Citibank announced 60 per cent profit loss and UBS announced sub-slime hit and the DOW rocketed 1.38 per cent.

The market is immune to bad news about jobs, housing and subslime. It's gonna take something else to trip the bulls (a China hiccup of some sort?).

In September I said here to buy the dips because the market had shaken off subslime algae.

However, IF the market does fall in the wake weakening jobs growth, watch out below. It's Octo-bear and this baby is going down between 10-20 per cent. Yep, a bloodbath. To those new kids on the block who couldn't sleep during August's sell-off, you aint seen nothing yet.

Trembling Hand Trader

Thanks for the comments. Yes it does seem all to cute that we are running up to this report. I'm leaning to the any weakness will be temporary if we don't rally but you are right if its a real shocker things could get messy.

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