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August 27, 2007



Many thanks for this info THT. Where do you get these graphs from?

Trembling Hand Trader

Hi spiBok
I have a database with all the Aussie ASX EOD data. I just run queries on it and plot the data with MS Excel. Bit of mucking around to set it up but once its working I find it handy.

The ASX Gorilla

Really cool stats! I've been playing around systems trading and it seems that a bit of a sweet spot for turning a new long term trend following system on the ASX was at the beginning of October last year...no guesses as to why, look at all those stocks breaking out to now highs!

Great work and observation TH.


Thanks for that, I really enjoy looking at original work. I do a lot of such tinkering in Excel and my trading software.

Because we are dominated by a few big cap stocks I think looking at market internals over the ASX 2&300 such as X day highs/lows must have some merit. Babak from Traders narrative and Trader Mike I think both use above/below 50 day MA's for all stocks If I remember correctly, we don't have the same level of information out there in blogs for our market unfortunately

Trembling Hand Trader

Thanks guys. Yes I think pulling up a chart or two of the XAO/XJO doesnt really tell the whole story. You really do need to look a bit deeper don't you.

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